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TaskTime4 is a reliable and versatile time tracking and billing solution.

With TaskTime4 you can track any number of clients and any number of projects for each client. Create invoices that can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk. Since you can have more than one project open at a time it is easy to switch between projects on the fly. Tracking expenses has never been easier.

NOTE: You can access TaskTime4 from your iPhone or iPad.
Click HERE for how to do this.

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Features Include:

  • Create clear, attractive, customized invoices and send with Apple Mail or Entourage
  • Include fixed rate items
  • Keep project specific notes of any length and detail.
  • Apply individual hourly rates to specific sessions
  • Set a separate currency symbol on a project-by-project basis or globally.
  • Track the status of each project.
  • Use the Project Manager to add, delete, rename, merge, and store projects.
  • Use the Client Manager to add, delete, and edit clients. (Import clients from Mail contacts)
  • Link documents, applications, folders, and web/email addresses to any project.
  • Minimize project windows to a small, floating timer controller window.
  • Set due dates for projects and sync with iCal
  • Create a variety of reports
  • Sync data between computers using DropBox
  • Export data in comma or tab separated format.
  • Backup data from within the program
  • Merge data from team members into one project for billing. Click here for details.
  • Sync data using Dropbox. Click here for details.

and more…


User Reviews:

“Great Value, easy to use” ★★★★★

Pros: I’m not computer savvy, and I figured this app out pretty quick. And my questions are answered promptly.

Cons: I’d like to be able to set it for six-minute chunks instead of five.

Summary: I checked several inexpensive billing apps for Mac and this was by far the best.


I bought this software in 2007 so that I could track time blocks of work for my clients and keep track of the work done. I have never had even one issue with the software other than trying to put it on a new computer a few years ago and at that time I received prompt help.

Forward to 2015 my hard drive had to be replaced on my computer and fortunately all of my project files and backups were stored in Dropbox but I was having horrible issues trying to import the data myself and kept loosing the data. This is one of the most important pieces of software that my company uses on a daily basis and it holds all the time sheets as well as information about money and work I owe my clients, so it was critical that it was restored back to working order. After several attempts to try and fix this through email they asked to connect to my computer and stayed on the phone with me while they fixed it…free of charge!

This is a software I purchased 8 years ago and paid only $20 for! They saved my data and helped me in a very courteous and timely manner. You will never find this anywhere else! I would NEVER hesitate to buy any other software from this company and this particular software is the easiest to use and does so much more than you can imagine for a $20 price tag! That’s unheard of…if you have any doubts, just ask me.

– Mary Lewis, MaryDesigns.com


Download the latest version. (Updates are free to registered users unless otherwise indicated.)


New customers: download it and try it for free for 20 days! This restriction will be removed once you purchase your registration code ($20).

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