Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I get a message saying “This app can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer“  when I try to launch the program.

The simplest way to launch an “unregistered” application is to right-click on the program’s icon and choose “Open”.

For a more permanent solution:
Launch System Preferences by choosing it from the  Apple menu
Select the “Security & Privacy” control panel, and go to the “General” tab
Unlock the padlock if it is locked
Under the “Allow apps downloaded from:” choose App Store and identified develops if it isn’t already chosen.
Click the Open Anyway button

You will now be able to launch third party applications without interference.

Q: My registration code doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

Things to watch out for when entering the registration information:

1. When entering your registration code capitalization must match that of the registration information you received.

2. Make sure there are no empty spaces either before or after the registration code. This can happen quite easily when copy/pasting registration information.

Q: I lost my registration code. How can I retrieve it?

Use the contact form to request that your registration info be sent to you. Please include the Name and Email Address you used when registering the program.

Q: Is the latest version a free upgrade?

Upgrades to all products are usually free. Occasionally, if an upgrade includes significant functional improvements there may be a small upgrade fee required.

Q: Are these products compatible with the latest Mac OS?

Yes, all ToThePoint Products are compatible with new versions of the Macintosh Operating System.

Trial Versions

Trial versions allow you to try out the product for 20 days before purchasing a license in order to see if it is suitable to your needs. You can download a fully functional trail version of any product from its product page.

Getting Help

User Guides: All products have links to User’s Guides available under their Help menus.

If you need further assistance, would like to send feedback, or wish to submit a feature request click here.