MemberMiner is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, membership management application for clubs, groups, and other organizations.

With MemberMiner you can keep track of your members’ information and use it to track paid/due membership fees and active/inactive members. Send members automated emails (Welcome, Renewal Notification, Payment Received)

Features Include:

  • easy data entry and import of .csv data files
  • changes to member information is saved as you edit it
  • print member checklists
  • classify membership types (individual, family, organization, other)
  • find and display paid/due memberships
  • find and display active/inactive members
  • find due memberships by month
  • keep notes on individual members
  • create and send emails to welcome new members
  • create and send emails to remind members when the fees are due
  • create and send emails to notify members when payment has been received

and more…