project time tracking and billing made easy

Project details in one integrated window.

Record work sessions in the Sessions tab of a project’s window. Use the timer at the top right of the window to time your work sessions.

Include flat rate items such a web hosting fee, a domain registration, a logo design, or supplies purchased for a project.

Whenever a project’s status is changed using the Status dropdown menu the new status and the date of the change are recorded in the Status History list. Project related notes can be kept in the Project Notes area.

Links to project related files or folders can be added by dragging and dropping them in the resources list area.

Payment amounts entered here are subtracted from the Grand Total for the project.

Time4Pay offers a simple yet powerful way to keep track of the time you spend on projects. A timer keeps track of the amount of time you spend during a work session. These recorded times can then be used to generate invoices. 

Other features such as the ability to include flat rate items, project status history, project notes, links to project related files, and flexible project reporting make Time4Pay an ideal solution for anyone who needs to easily track time spent working on projects and to send invoices to clients.

Import clients from a .csv file or enter them manually.

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Users Guide

Current version 2.1

– fixed a problem with registering when trial time expired

version 2.0

– added total sessions time to project windows

– fixed pause/resume issue

– added color picker for project window headers

version 1.9

– fixed timer bug that could occur when Time4Pay was in the background.

version 1.8

– added warning when user attempts to close a project window with a running timer

version: 1.7

– fixed the header font chooser in preferences


version: 1.6

– fixed phone number not showing on invoice

– added date to invoices

– ability to adjust company name font size to fit on invoices

– colour picker for choosing document highlight colour

– ability to choose invoice header font

– added separate preference pane for invoice header settings

– preferences option to set default sorting of projects by column 

Version: 1.5

– added invoice numbers to projects list in the Manager window.

Version: 1.4

– added Payments tab

– fixed timer bug

– fixed minimum session time rounding


Version: 1.2

Added option to set minimum session time.

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