Font Sleuth

Font Sleuth is designed to make locating that perfect font for a project as quick and easy as possible.

Font Sleuth is not intended to replace sophisticated font management software such as FontExplorer X or Suitcase Fusion 2. Because these font managers have more complex functionality they are priced considerably higher than Font Sleuth.

But… Many people do not need all of the the bells and whistles of a high priced font manager.

If what you need is a quick and simple way to choose that perfect font on the fly, along with some basic font management features, Font Sleuth is the answer.

Customer Comments:

“I placed my order and now have Font Sleuth up and running. It’s  totally efficient and is going to be a game changer for me, especially once I’ve used it to help get me more organized.”

“Your product has saved me countless numbers of hours of organizing the hard way, and has me much more excited about the work ahead.”

Download the latest version. (Updates are free to registered users unless otherwise indicated.)

Purchase Price: $15 US